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Turn an average day
into an exciting adventure.

through epochs

Turn an average day
into an exciting adventure.

through epochs

Turn an average day
into an exciting adventure.

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Uncharted territory

Our  next historical location is soon to be here.
Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 годов

The Great Patriotic War is represented by a fortified area of the Red Army, rebuilt according to the rules of wartime fortification — you will take refuge in a soldiers dugout, vercome an obstacle course, pit your strength against enemy in the с trenches, listen to front stories.


Russian Empire in 1762-1796

You will find yourself in  he thick of development of the South Urals, you will cooperate with construction of a real fortress, learn a lot about  жизни ее f its permanent post - about service, uniforms, weapons, morals and manners, etc. You will become participants in the capture of the camp of robbers.


Ancient Rus of the IX-XII centuries

«Ancient Rus» will transfer you to he real Slavic settlement of  XI century – you will  culture, crafts and  see military art of our remote ancestors! You will be able to shoot a ow, forge a knife, extract fire, listen to  gusli music, taste the traditional cuisine and even counter a nomadic attack.



We stop next to a large dug stone, which stands near the apple garden, and wait for the tour to start here.

Popular programs


The program is dedicated to the traditional Russian holiday of Masl

The date of the:
с 20 February по 15 March
Front Line

Historical program dedicated to the heroic episodes of 1941-1945.

The date of the:
с 01 January по 31 December

Our tours are for…

School students

The school tour in "Gardarika" is a unique opportunity to see the history with your own eyes, touch it and get into the past. Excursions in an interactive educational format will help children take a new look at the history of our Motherland.


For students, our excursions will not only be an interesting leisure tour that will fill gaps in knowledge of certain eras in Russian history, but also help in writing different works on historical topics.


It is very important for each parent to develop his or her child's interest in history, as it aids the development of imagination, logic, analytical thinking, personal enrichment and brain building. It is necessary to goad curiosity in their hearts about the history of their family, native heath and country.

Group of friends

You can have fun, interesting and unusual time with friends in the open air in our park. Whether your company is made up of cheerful seven-year-olds, solid thirtyyear-olds or cheerful eighty-year-olds, everyone will find something for themselves.

Corporate events (teambulding)

What will help to raise the corporate spirit, to build up the team, to get to know your colleagues, but jointly survived, fascinating, sometimes alarming experiences. Unique programs will help to distract you from everyday work, daily stress, reports, rush job, and become a sudden and unusual journey into the past.

Activities for all tastes

Dynamic excursions

Live children's excursions, which will be remembered for a long time! The format of our park and excursion programs is one of the best for attraction of school students of the city of Chelyabinsk and region to studying of the Native land!

Full immersion

Each historical site is a small world with all its traditions, crafts and agriculture, Old Russian heroes, Red Army soldiers and the cunning Khazars.

Unforgettable adventures

Blacksmiths , ceramic master classes, archery, battle on swords in Viking armor, refreshments from the Russian stoves and strong front tea. You'll remember every walk with pleasure.

We invite tour operators to cooperate

We organize interesting, informative and unforgettable excursions for children and adults and invite you to start cooperating with us. In your personal account you can see all relevant information on promotions and events.

Unique open-air project


It is the only historical park in the Urals Federal District where you can see the reenactment of key epochs in Russian history, take part in competitions, and learn about the dwelling and life of

Diverce program

About cpouple dozen of exciting excursion programs in an interactive educational format for people of all ages.

“Turnkey” holiday

In our park you can celebrate corporate holiday, birthday, New Year or any other event. Besides excursion program we will provide the necessary equipment for the barbecueand dining areas.

Convenient organization

We organize bus transportation of adults and children groups. We work with reliable transport companies, having all necessary licenses.

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News and articles

“Ural Fortress” festival

Every year at the last weekend of August, the “Gardarika” Park hosts the Ural Fortress historical reenactment festival.

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